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PSL Facilities Management
PSL Facilities Management
Telephone Number0800 085 7632
Fax Number0121 683 0518

Email AddressEmail
Contact at OrganisationMr Dulai
First House
1 Sutton St
B1 1PE

PS Logistics provide a distinctive service in the construction industry by developing and employing an experienced workforce.

Our construction practice provides well-managed projects, which are completed on time and within budget.

Each project has its own particular features and challenges. Effective communication with customers, team members and subcontractors is a key factor for our success.

We will tailor our services to your individual needs, which can include design support, preliminary budgeting, resources and logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project administration and supervision.

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top class, very professional.

Date Posted:

They did a great job of my drive. They laid the drive over a year ago and it is still in pristine condition. I think that shows the sign of a good company!

Keep up the good work PSL!


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