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Review Guidelines

In a nutshell:

We at want to encourage positive business and promote such businesses. We want to explore our local area, share our ideas and thoughts and talk to other people who are passionate about the places they live, work and play. As we are a community it's up to everyone to make sure remains a pleasant, safe and fun place to visit, so to help you do that we've put together a few guidelines that should help you understand what it means to be a contributor to Please read the following carefully.

Most importantly: Be nice!

A good rule to remember is 'if you wouldn't say it to their face, don't say it to them on'.

Reviews search rankings within

We believe that if organisations are recieving good reviews then they should be rewarded for there achievments by being ordered higher in a results list. This also helps users identify businesses that are best in their category.

Write from the heart: is a place for you to tell people what you think of business or services that you have used on, so we want to hear your stories, experiences and opinions. What we don't want is for you to try and pass other people's views off as your own. Remember to use your own words and to respect all the relevant laws (especially copyright and trademark laws).

Don't leave your manners at the door

Offensive and abusive content won't be tolerated and the same goes for falsely attacking or defaming any of the businesses or people featured on Give us your opinion by all means but make it an accurate and measured opinion otherwise we'll have to have words!

If we receive a complaint about you

We trust you to play nice but if someone does contact us and alerts us to behavior which is offensive, abusive, illegal, or in any way a breach of our Terms & Conditions or these Guidelines then we will take action and that could mean your content is removed and your account could be suspended or even terminated. You have been warned!

If you're a business owner

Just because you run/own/work for one of the businesses featured on doesn't mean you can't review it, but let's not get carried away. encourages a balanced and accurate appraisals so exaggeration or flat out lying just isn't going to cut it. And please be sure to clearly identify yourself as the owner/manager/employee etc of the business by claiming it when you write the review, otherwise you're being misleading and we'll be forced to take action. Remember: an honest view is better than no review at all.

So, to sum up...

Do: Be nice. Politeness, friendliness and respect go a long way here at

Do: If you spot any inaccurate information then please notify us by using teh Contact Us page..

Do: Remember you're responsible for all the material you upload to That means reviews, photos, comments... everything. If you do something wrong you've only got yourself to blame.

Don't: Be a pain. Venting, pointless arguing or personal attacks are all against these Guidelines and the easiest ways to lose friends quickly.

Don't: Forget that every review you upload is moderated. So be mindful of your own privacy and be respectful of other people's sensibilities.

Don't: Be shy about getting in touch. If you're still in need of answers (not the metaphysical 'meaning of life' stuff, but anything to do with then you can email our Reviews Manager on and he'll do his best to solve any problems.

Review Guidelines
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