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Premium Listing

Asian Directory Premium Listing

Increase your business response by 10 fold by creating a premium listing Asian Directory.

Would you like your organisation to appear at the top of the results list when they type in your business category? This is very much possible by creating a Premium Listing.

With a Premium Listing we guarantee the use of the following functionality:

  • Advanced Search FacilityAppear in RED at the top of your search list
  • View Results on Interactive MapAdding you organisation to multiple categories
  • SMS DetailsFREE SMS facility
  • Display website linkDisplay your website link
  • Contact OrganisationContact your organisation via online form
  • Route PlannerRoute planner facility to your organisation
  • Display website linkDisplaying of all Contact numbers, Tel, Fax, Mobile
  • Dedicated supportDedicated support from the team

By adding your website address to your listing it will improve your website visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Sample Listing

Example Premium Listing

Call Back Request

Get customers details sent directly to your phone instantly. Market research has shown that users prefer to be contacted by suppliers as they are reluctant to call companies for many reasons such as:

  • Reluctant to call 084 numbers from their mobile phones
  • Can never get through to the right person/department
  • Phone is engaged all the time

Adding the Call Back Request feature allows the user to send their name and contact number to your mobile phone and email account. This allows you to call the customer back directly to offer the best service. Many listings that offer this feature have found this feature invaluable.

Request Call Back Example

Upload Your Company Brochure/Flyer

Allow users to download your company brochures or flyers when they view your details. Many organisations often have corporate brochures or flyers, you can allow users to easily download these content rich documents in PDF format.

Upload Your Company Brochure

Image Gallery

Create an image gallery of your products. The images show as thumbnails and when clicked expand to full size images. This functionality is ideal for scenarios such as:

  • Builders - images of recent work done
  • Catering - images of dishes and standard of catering
  • Beauty - images of mendhi, henna and hair work
  • DJ - images of stage setups
  • Car Hire - images of available vehicles
IMage Gallery


The above Premium Listing options can be individually selected, all pricing is done on a bespoke basis depending on you business category. Please use the below form to request a quotation stating your organisation and business category.

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